Post & Rail Fencing Chelmsford

As suggested by the name – Post & Rail fencing is an all timber fence available in many different styles and formats. One of the most attractive fences to look at, especially if you have a drive way that needs fencing each side, or if you just want perfect paddocks!

Sawn Post & Rail fencing, as described by the name, consists of square sawn posts and square sawn rails, sizes to suit each job. This fence can be stunning to look at particularly if you have undulating ground where our expertise in flowing fences comes to the fore.

Half round Post & Rail is by far the most popular, giving incredible fence strength and longevity. This fence also looks particularly good when fencing around horse paddocks or bull paddocks. Sizes of materials depend upon each job, but typically posts come as 7' long x 5'' top diameter full round and rails come as 12' x 4 ½'' half round. Both with a machined finish so each end is the same size.

Supplying Rail Fencing & Post Fencing in Chelmsford & Gloucester

Formats range from 1 rail and netting. 2 rail and netting to 3 rail, 4 rail, or even 5 rail. We advise on each individual job depending upon customers specific requirements and supply throughout Chelmsford and Gloucester.

Garth Bradbury Fencing Contractors Ltd provide a wide range of Fencing, Fencing Gates and Wooden Fencing. For more information - please contact us via our contact page.

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