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Hi-Tensile Stock Proof Fencing

Hi-Tensile stock fencing comes with Hi-Tensile barbed wire top and bottom, either one or two strands above netting depending upon the height of the fence. This stock fencing can also come with plain Hi-Tensile wire top and bottom if barbed wire is not appropriate.

The benefits of Hi-Tensile wire are obvious, less posts between strainers, stays tighter longer, easy to repair and maintain. Netting can be ordered in a number of different formats ranging from standard stock netting right through to 8ft high deer netting. We advise on each job what netting will suit your applications.

Our stock fencing is available throughout Hereford, Leominster, Ledbury and the surrounding areas.

Horse Fencing

Horses are a major investment in both time and money, therefore it is critical your horse is safe in its surroundings. We offer horse fencing and netting specifically designed to eliminate injuries commonly associates with traditional netting, electric wire can be added as a top line or as an 'off-set' to keep stock away from fences. We provide a wide range of horse fencing and netting throughout Hereford, Leominster, Ledbury as well as the surrounding areas as well. Choices of wire are plain Hi-Tensile, electric white rope, electric white tape or seven strand cattle wire.

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